Step Into Your

Star Power

A groundbreaking, career-shifting 21-day embodiment program for actors who are ready to soar in their careers.

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Are you feeling stuck?

Have you taken countless acting classes, but worry that your auditions are missing something because you are not booking?

Or maybe you get callbacks and avails all the time, but you never seem to be "the one" who walks away with the jobs you really care about.

Perhaps you're not even auditioning at all, and you wonder how the heck you are supposed to get momentum when you don't even get a chance to show what you can do? It's frustrating AF.

Hear this: you are much closer than you think to the fulfilling acting career that you desire.

Imagine if you could…

Show Up Authentically

Use your talent and unique energy to bring your full gifts and power to each audition room and self tape. Become undeniable.

Magnetize Next Level Opportunities

Wake up every day to new collaborators, fans, auditions and offers in a way that feels effortless.

Manifest Your Dreams

Turn your most ambitious and far-fetched dreams into a list of experiences that you remember with gratitude.

You can.

 And if you're ready to step into this version of yourself, you've come to the right place.


Step Into Your Star Power is a 3 week-long journey where you will spend 20 minutes a day completely shifting how you view yourself and how you show up in the context of your acting career. We will use techniques that have been scientifically proven to get massive results, including creative visualization, EFT tapping, breaking physical objects, merging with the energy of your vision, tapping into your intuition, and many more.

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On this journey, you will learn to…

Harness the power of alignment

Learn what it means to be a vibrational match for all you desire.

Connect with your purpose

Unearth your true desires and set goals based on what you want, rather than others

Trust in your inevitable success

Kiss worry, stress and anxiety goodbye and enjoy the journey of your career.

Create meaningful relationships

Connect with collaborators effortlessly and grow an audience of fans who love your work.

Attract abundant opportunities

During and after the program, you'll wake up to more cmails, offers and scripts for roles you care about than ever before.

Unleash the "Law of Resonance"

Embody this principle as a way of life (AKA where the elusive "Star Power" comes from)

We can live joy-filled lives as actors


 I created Step Into Your Star Power because we need a generation of actors who are purpose-driven and fully empowered to tell the stories that the world craves.

The “starving artist” paradigm is over. We're so done with that. An artistic life is a gift and opportunities are abundant.

The last few years have shown us that so many things in life are uncertain. Our eyes have been opened to injustices and heartbreak on an unfathomable scale, and our saving grace in the midst of this uncomfortable growth has been art. From sitcoms to prestige dramas, the art we consume has the power to transform who we are as individuals, which in turn, transforms societies. Actors are at the cutting edge of that shift; we are both industry and thought leaders.

We actors play a pivotal role in ensuring that all humans beings are safe and valued. I am humbled and grateful every day to be an actor. And I am honored to welcome you into this program so that we can experience your full radiance. We need it.



Embodied Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love

We'll set the foundation for the daily practice that will get you lasting results when you commit. You'll learn to feel into your rightful place in the industry.

Let Your Purpose Dictate Your Mission

You'll become connected to the source of your power and  begin to make plans and decisions from that centered, grounded state.

Release Resistance and Live Your Dream Life

You'll learn the tools to release old limiting beliefs, resistance, and false narratives, and you'll welcome the true, more empowered version of yourself.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

You'll learn to be selective about what you allow into your consciousness, whether it's your physical space or your energy field. And you'll create space for all the good that is flowing to you.

Your Star Presence

You'll begin to fully embody the star that you are, and create a personal tool to center yourself before exciting opportunities.

Intuition + Merging

We'll use the most advanced techniques to merge with the energy of our vision and bring it to life exponentially more quickly.

Plus you'll get these Bonus Tools

Daily Discussion in the Forum

You’ll connect with the community of actors who are experiencing the course alongside you, as well as access the wisdom of those who have already completed the course. ($495 VALUE)

Progress Assessments

We’ve created three powerful assessments to help you track your progress through this journey.  We hone in on these key areas: level of gratitude, happiness, resistance to stress, anxiety and overwhelm, ability to create empowering goals, ability to handle career challenges, strength of your intuition, and belief that you will succeed as an artist. ($149 VALUE)

Guided Meditations

We’ve created a library of seven beautiful meditations that will allow you to listen and experience profound shifts as you complete this program. You will have access to these meditations to revisit them whenever you need to refill your cup and be reminded of your full power. ($197 VALUE)

Intro to EFT

We have a complete bonus training with a Certified EFT (Tapping) Practitioner. If you need an introduction or refresher on this powerful modality, we’ve got you. ($350 VALUE)

BTS Tour

You have a behind-the-scenes look at my personal space + studio. I share a never-before-seen look at my creative altar where I conjure all my magic.

Star Power Habits Tracker

Success is a habit! It’s important that you actually finish your journey and continue the practices you love the most afterward. So we provide worksheets and trackers to make it easy for you to show up for yourself. ($27 VALUE)

Meet your Journey Guide


 Hi, I’m Ajarae Coleman! I’m a working actor, producer, entrepreneur, and self-improvement junkie. My path to a creative career began later than most (I actually went to Harvard to study Biological Anthropology!) and that was largely due to a sense of feeling like it was impossible to support myself as a professional actor, even though I have always loved performing.

Fast forward through years of working in other careers, and I suddenly found myself reinventing my life as an actor! If I could go back and give my younger self advice, it would pretty much all center around my fear of the unknown and giving my real dreams a chance. I would remind younger Ajarae that she has the right to be an artist just like anybody else does.

For the last decade, I’ve used my skills to help actors sharpen up their business practices, and now this embodiment program is the perfect cherry on top. Because no matter how much we produce on the outside, we must maintain our mindset as well to have long-term success in this profession.

Here’s to pushing past our blocks and creating the life of our dreams together!

How You Step Into Your Star Power:


Daily Embodiment Practices

You’ll be taught a variety of mindset and alignment practices to help strengthen your sense of self-worth and connection to purpose.  You’ll then decide which to take with you on your 21-day journey and beyond.

Somatic & Emotional Toolbox

From EFT Tapping to eye gazing and more, you’re taught how to release and channel your emotions healthily. These practices benefit your acting work as well!

Video Training, Meditation Audios, and Worksheets

Each day's training is presented in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into your life.

A Holistic Approach

From the inner world of your mindset to the outer reality of your physical surroundings, we help you experience what it is to be fully supported in reaching your artistic goals.

Star Power Is For:

  • Experienced actors who are ready to break their ceiling and move from "final round" to "booked it!"
  • Actors who feel a bit out of touch with their power and crave alignment
  • Beginning actors who want to start their careers with a solid mindset foundation in place.

Star Power Is NOT For:

  • Actors who stubbornly believe they always need to "DO more more more" to get results
  • Actors who are not willing to try new methods and explore new possibilities to unlock success


I have never felt such a profound change in my outlook on life and on myself - I have often struggled with negative self-image and apocalyptic thinking, but through committing to the actions of this journey I have entirely changed my appreciation for the everyday and my feeling of control over my life, balanced with a surrender to the universe which I now trust is taking me where I want to and am meant to go.

Eliza Blair

The inner negative voices, limiting beliefs and fear of financial lack are gone.

Cynthia Pope

I believe bigger now and feel more connected to the unseen future I'm manifesting.

Jasmine Fontes

I have connected more intimately with myself, more deeply seeing myself and what I have to offer. I'm still working on the self doubt, as that has been a huge limiting belief of mine, but I've been able to see myself from a different perspective and have been more gentle and loving to myself. That's a huge win.

Rachel McVay

I feel more confident and I have more trust in myself and the universe to manifest what I want.

Gabriela Noble

I'm finding ways to connect and play in each audition, as opposed to dreading the feeling of showing up and "begging for a job".

Sharyon Anita Culberson

Yes, I want this too >>>

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I'm in! >>>

Stepping Into Your Power Should Feel EASY

I know all about the hectic life of an actor, so I designed this program to be as easy as possible while still delivering life-changing results. If you can commit just 20 minutes a day to this program, it will deliver you results ten-fold.


I’ve had a lot of actors tell me they want to start the Star Power program, but it just isn’t the right time. I always ask them: when is the right time? As actors, there aren’t many “off” times in our calendars. So I guess my question for you is: do you believe your dreams are worth going for NOW without any excuses, objections, or procrastination?

Let's Be Clear...

As an actor, the only thing standing between you and artistic freedom is you.  The idea that we have to get permission from gatekeepers is a fallacy!  And you owe it to yourself to get out of the way, stop settling, and claim your vision.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

With Step Into Your Star Power, you will eliminate any subconscious blocks to your success.  Apply what you learn and you’ll soon see — there is NO LIMIT to what you’ll be able to accomplish. 

My Vision for You


My vision is that you create an artistic life where you wake up every day feeling not only financial security but a true sense of abundance. 

You are able to fully embody the characters you play because you’ve released all your hang-ups around seeking approval and pleasing industry decision-makers.

Exciting opportunities and mutually beneficial connections flow freely to you. 

You feel joyful, light, and fully aware of your tremendous and unchanging worth.

The art you create is a force of goodness and progressive change in the world.

I created this program with all my love and attention to ensure you’re able to make that vision a reality. Thank you for stepping up to this important work.

Pay In Full


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  • Complete 21-day training plan via video + mobile app
  • Star Power bonuses
  • 3 Group coaching call recordings led by Ajarae
  • Virtual community + accountability
  • Flexible start date + pacing
  • Lifetime program access

Payment Plan


For 3 Months

  • Complete 21-day training plan via video + mobile app
  • Star Power Bonuses
  • 3 Group coaching call recordings led by Ajarae
  • Virtual community + accountability
  • Flexible start date + pacing
  • Lifetime program access
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