There's No Other Embodiment Program Like This for Actors

So what exactly is this 21 day experience?

During This Powerful 21 Day Journey You Will

  • Align your energy to become a magnet for the acting jobs you want to attract

  • Clarify your desires in your life and your career so you can embody success more easily

  • Let go of stress, anxiety and worry that the artistic career you've chosen will not work out for you

  • Learn to network with more ease and confidence to build relationships that will propel your career forward

  • Start to magnetize audition opportunities and bookings, instead of pushing hard with little to no results

  • Learn what the "Law of Resonance" is, and how it applies to you as an actor (hint: this is where that elusive "star power" comes from)


                    just 20 minutes a day!

Harness Simple Tools for Extraordinary Results

We’ll use a variety of modalities including creative visualization, EFT tapping, breaking physical objects, merging with the energy of your vision, tapping into our intuition, and many more! There is no other program like this.

Star Power Case Study

Meet Star Power Graduate, Karen Roberts. Before she even finished the 21 days, she noticed her auditions increasing. Within 90 days of completing the program she booked two commercials, signed with two different commercial and theatrical agencies, finished a first draft of her sitcom pilot, and received her SAG-AFTRA eligibility by producing and starring in a short film. But the best part is that she now fully embodies the star that she is!

This Program Is For You If

  • You feel like something is blocking you, but you don't know what it is.

  • You keep hearing that you need to "get into alignment," but you have no idea how to do that.

  • You keep getting close to big opportunities, but not quite booking them.

  • You are committed to your acting career, but you feel like you've plateaued.

  • You're tired of trying to same old things and following the same advice without getting any results.

True Success Is An Inside Job

It's time to become a magnet for the career you want. Step Into Your Star Power will get you there in 21 days... from the comfort of your own home.

"The lesson that had the greatest impact on me was the EFT tapping… I love visualizing, I love it, and to combine a vision of my own with the EFT, it really felt like I had created my own little tool, my own little magical recipe. All of a sudden when EFT felt a little overwhelming at times… I knew exactly what to say."

Samantha Schnitzler

Hi there! I’m Ajarae Coleman. I created Star Power program because we have work to do. Many people still see the artistic lifestyle as one of scarcity and fear. And many actors are stuck in people-pleasing patterns because they feel like they have a lower status than others in the industry, like casting directors, talent agents and producers.

None of this is true. We hold tremendous power as actors.

Recent life-changing, paradigm-shifting events on the planet have made this very clear to me.

The world is waking up, and the entertainment industry is a huge part of that. It is up to us as the storytellers of our world to continue to shift the narrative. Actors are opening minds by introducing people to perspectives they don’t necessarily encounter in their daily lives.

Actors play a huge role in bringing forth a reality where every being on the planet is safe, heard and valued. I am humbled and grateful every day to be an actor. And I am honored to welcome you into this program so that we can experience your full radiance. We need it.

Your Purpose Is Calling.

Let’s Do This.



Hold Up! One More Thing…  

Let’s be clear. As an actor, the only thing standing between you and artistic freedom is you.  The idea that we have to get permission from gatekeepers is a fallacy!  And you owe it to yourself to get out of the way, stop settling, and claim your vision.  
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  
With Step Into Your Star Power, you will eliminate any subconscious blocks to your success.  Apply what you learn and you’ll soon see — there is NO LIMIT to what you’ll be able to accomplish.  

You Got Questions? I Got Answers.

I have a full life as well, so I hear you.

I designed Step Into Your Star Power with BUSY actors in mind. Each lesson takes you 20 minutes per day or less to implement. So you can gain meaningful results in just 21 days without dropping everything else that's going on in your life.

Absolutely. That's totally fine. If you miss a day or two, or simply have to take some time off, you'll simply pick up where you let off.

Also, remember, YOU choose your start date. You can start the program any time that is convenient for you. Some actors start right away, and some wait for a later date. Once you decide on your start date, you can trigger helpful daily emails that will keep you on track.

The Step Into Your Star Power program will kick off on Sunday, November 28. In the meantime, you will complete the Getting Started process for The Table and create space for the 21 day experience in your schedule. You'll receive all the details you need after you enroll.

You have TWO Payment Options...

...we want to make the investment super easy for you.

Easy Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments of $177


Pay In Full


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